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Customer Says


  • Custom-made in the USA.
  • Highest-quality, USA-made components and food-grade sealants are used in all DCM Melangers.
  • Only all-natural, high-quality granite stones are used in all DCM Melangers.
  • Direct Drive from the fully sealed gearbox, with no belts or chains to maintain, designed for continuous use without requiring maintenance.
  • Drum tilting mechanism to easily unload product. Machine can be handled by a single operator.
  • This DCM Melanger model is available in a 100-120V / 200-230V / 400-440V model, working on Single-Phase or Three-Phase. Power customizations are possible, contact us with your request to evaluate feasibility.
  • Variable bowl speed from 0 to 120 rpm.
  • All-Stainless Steel extra heavy duty frame for reliability and hygiene.
  • Refiner features leveling caster wheels for convenience, machine can be leveled on an uneven floor.
  • Metal mating surfaces are rubber mounted to reduce vibration and improve performance.
  • Easy-to-access Emergency Stop Button.
  • Motor overload protection shuts down entire machine should it ever draw too much current at any time, preventing it from overheating.
  • Fine tension controller to adjust stone pressure during the refining process provides artisans with complete control over the process.
  • The machine is easy to service with a few tools and with basic knowledge.
  • Spare parts are stocked and delivered quickly to avoid extended downtime.
  • Motor is made in the USA
  • UL and CE certified
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Optional Upgrades*

  • Double Stainless Steel Wipers: This upgrade allows makers to choose all-stainless steel wipers providing years of performance. 
  • Pressure Gauge Dial: A handy monitoring system that allows makers to measure stone pressure during production. Aids in the manual tension application.
  • Pneumatic Pressure System: This device helps to ensure that uniform force is applied between the roller stones and the bottom bed stone during production. As a result,  production is more efficient and more consistent from batch to batch.
  • Rapid Refiner: This upgrade helps makers control the temperature and aeration of the chocolate during the entire process thus reducing refining and conching time by as much as 30%. Helps to release the naturally present fats in the cocoa beans and nuts.