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In this finale episode of season 3 we demonstrate how to make 70% dark chocolate in premier refiners (aka small grinders aka small melangers). While the type of small grinder that you have doesn't matter much, the way you load them does. 

In this video we unbox a Premier Tilting Malanger. This countertop model is a low-impact refiner for making to 10lb of chocolate from scratch. We imported this 220v melanger to Thailand from the USA.  

Leslie Sbrocco, host of KQED Food's "Taste This," visits the Chocolate Factory! Learn along with Leslie as she explores the process of making chocolate from bean to bar with “Bean Man” Greg D’Alesandre at Dandelion Chocolate.

The series "From Beans to Chocolate" gives a glimpse of the chocolate making process, including basic principles and the possible solutions/equipment utilized to manufacture it.

This episode covers refining to conching using one machine, the Premier Tilting Chocolate Refiner.