DCM Rapid Refiner

Rapid Refiner



This popular upgrade enhances the productivity of our granite stone melangers by up to 30% and is used by award-winning, artisan chocolate makers all around the world. The unit’s heating and cooling modes provide makers with greater control over temperatures during production, therefore improving taste and consistency from batch to batch. By helping to pre-heat roller stones and ingredients, cocoa butter is more quickly and efficiently released. Achieving fluidity faster means that ingredients can be added earlier in the production cycle. 

The Rapid Refiner’s heating functioncreates a gentle airflow (30 cfm) inside the drum that helps to disperse acrid compounds, especially acetic acid, therefore reducing refining and conching times. The heating setting also helps to reduce the moisture content of ingredients. The Rapid Refiner’s cooling functionworks by blowing room temperature air on the outside of the drum to bring down the temperature of the contents should this be necessary.

Compact, and made from food-grade, stainless steel, the Rapid Refiner is designed for DCM Melangers 35, 70, 100, 150 or 200. This accessory attaches discreetly onto the back of the mainframe of the machine and will not interfere with loading and unloading processes.

The Rapid Refiner is also recommended for seed and nut butter production as similar issues such as moisture content and fat release can be resolved through its use.

Heating Function: The Rapid Refiner helps makers maintain desired temperatures from batch to batch because the temperature reading is measured internally using a Thermocouple. Unlike an infrared reading that measures surface temperatures, the thermocouple helps makers to accurately monitor the temperature of chocolate or nut spreads. 

Cooling Function: A room-temperature cooling system allows makers to run a refiner at maximum efficiency without overheating the product. Should the temperature of the mass increase beyond the set point, the fan will turn on automatically. This feature is especially important for raw makers who struggle to keep temperatures below the threshold.


Benefits of Using a Rapid Refiner

  • Greater control over production to help makers overcome common challenges associated with roasting profiles and moisture content. 
  • It helps makers to be able to express the fullest flavor potential of the beans.
  • Achieves more consistent flavor and particle size from batch to batch
  • Increases productivity to free up time
  • Constant and even temperatures help correct roasting inconsistencies to achieve the finest quality product


Technical Specifications and Dimensions:

  • 110 / 220V,  50/60Hz
  • Single Phase
  • 15 / 7 amps
  • Fan air circulation capacity: 30 cfm
  • Machine weight: 20 lbs /9 kg
  • Dimensions: 18 x 11.5 x 10 inches / 46 x 29 x 26 cm
  • Removable and washable intake air filter for easy cleaning.


Please note that all accessories, including the Rapid Refiner, have to be built into the machine during production, therefore they have to be requested at the time of machine order.
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