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DCM Melanger 15



“I'm running my first batch right now on the 15, and damn...this machine is freaking awesome....no notes. It’s a great machine and I am thrilled to have it in my shop! Convenient that it’s compatible with your 8 and 10 pound melangers. Very exciting! Cheers!"

- Ian, Joy Chocolates


Our DCM Melanger 15 (15 lbs/7 kg batch capacity) is designed for artisan food makers and those who want to take their brand to the next level, creating award-winning chocolate, superior-tasting nut butter, pralinés, spreads, and bases for ice cream and gelato. The DCM Melanger 15 was developed in collaboration with makers over four years and field tested for two. Our goals were to ensure maximum durability, energy efficiency, and ease of use, all in a machine with a compact footprint.   

Low-impact refining allows for maximum retention of nutritional value while at the same time preserving the shelf-life of the product. This makes the DCM 15 ideal for processing raw ingredients with high nutritional value.

Built to the highest quality standards and manufactured in the USA, the DCM Melanger 15 is custom-built and features high-quality, all-natural granite stones that refine particle size down to less than 20 microns for a perfectly smooth result. The body of the machine features a food-grade, Inox stainless steel construction for maximum durability and ease of cleaning. The solid brass Top Lock Knob is not only sturdy, but allows for fine pressure control of the roller stones.

The DCM Melanger 15’s high-efficiency, energy-saving, continuous-duty motor is engineered specifically to run 24x7x365 days. Its direct gear drive mechanism (with no belts or chains) makes for very quiet operation. The unit operates based on load and consumes only the electricity needed, resulting in significant savings to the maker. To learn more about the electrical operating costs of running a DCM Melanger 15, please read our in-depth analysis here. 

The unit is plug-and-play ready and features a convenient tilting mechanism that makes cleaning and emptying fast and simple. Operating the machine is easy and intuitive, and our US-based, in-house tech team will swiftly handle any questions or concerns that might arise. 

The DCM Melanger 15’s modular design makes the unit easy to assemble and disassemble and setup requires only basic know-how and simple tools. The Melanger is light enough to be transported by a single person.

The Microbatch, 8 lb and 10 lb bowl and roller stone sets are compatible with the DCM 15. The unit also has a variable bowl speed, from 0-100/120 rpm (50-60 Hz).

The DCM Melanger 15 meets or exceeds the latest international safety and energy efficiency standards. It is also CE certified. 

*These machines are custom-built on receipt of order. Under normal production circumstances, lead times are typically 2 weeks. During the launch of this product, these can be more fluid. For a more definitive timeframe regarding shipping and production, please reach out to support@melangers.com before or after placing your order. 

Download the User Manual 

Melangers in action


  • Custom-made in the USA.
  • Highest-quality, USA-made components and food-grade sealants are used in all DCM Melangers.
  • Only all-natural, high-quality granite stones are used in all DCM Melangers.
  • Direct Drive from the fully sealed gearbox, with no belts or chains to maintain, designed for continuous use without requiring maintenance.
  • Increased Capacity (15 pounds)
  • Annual Capacity for Nut Butters (260 working days): 3000lbs / 1360kg
  • Annual Capacity for chocolate (260 working days): 1040 lbs / 472 kg
  • This space-efficient machine creates great shear, enabling optimal refining.
  • Drum tilting mechanism to easily unload product. The machine can be handled by a single operator.
  • The DCM Melanger 15 is available in a 100-120V / 200-230V model.
  • Variable bowl speed from 0 to 120 rpm.
  • Heavy-duty frame for reliability and hygiene.
  • Compatible with Premier Chocolate Refiners bowl /drum sizes.
  • Motor overload protection shuts down the entire machine should there be an overload condition, safeguarding your investment.
  • A fine tension controller adjusts stone pressure during the refining process, providing artisans with complete control over the process.
  • The machine's maintenance requires only basic know-how and simple tools.
  • Spare parts are stocked and delivered quickly to avoid extended downtime.
  • No freight shipping required. Machine ships in two standard boxes via regular carrier mail allowing for easy worldwide shipping.
  • Easy to transport due to a manageable size and weight. Can be checked in as overweight luggage on flights.
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications and Dimensions

  • CE approved.
  • Motor: ¼ HP.
  • Voltage: 110V / 220V.
  • 50Hz/60Hz
  • Amps: 2/1 A.
  • Maximum Continuous load current 3 (RMS amps per Phase): 3 amps
  • Capacity: 15 lbs/ 7 kgs of product per batch.
  • Approximate overall weight: 50 lbs/22kg.
  • Approximate Machine Size: 13"x 12"x 22 inch
  • Approximate Shipping Size (two boxes)
    Box #1: 14x14x14 inch / 36x36x36 cm / Box #2: 14x14x14 inch / 36x36x36 cm /
*Kindly note that these machines are custom made. All optional upgrades must be ordered and assembled at the time of purchase.
To order this item or to obtain further information, please click the Contact us link and completely fill out the form.
NOTE: Due to continuous product improvement, design changes are made from time to time. Some changes and modifications may not be covered in this page.



Customer Credits: Cleveland Chocolate, J.Cocoa, ronpaprocki,hazelle_chocolatnoir,vestachocolate

Download the User Manual 

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