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Micro-Batch Set Accessory

Increase the versatility of your favorite Premier Chocolate Refiner with this new Micro-Batch Granite Roller Stone and Drum Set.

  • Made from high-quality, natural granite; no artificial materials or fillers are used in our stones.
  • Use to switch from savory to sweet recipes, from nut spreads to origin chocolate, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.
  • This new optional economy-size drum and roller stone set are ideal for recipe testing or small batch sampling as yield is only 1.1 pounds/0.5kg.
  • Use as a dedicated set for strongly flavored ingredients.
  • Perfect for professional kitchens as well as for home use.
  • Fits both the 8 lb and 10 lb Premier Chocolate Refiners.

This kit contains 1 drum, 2 roller stones,1 holder with deflector blades, lid and top lock knob. This accessory does not include the motor unit.


Technical Specifications:

Drum Capacity: minimum 1.1lbs/0.5kg

Drum Diameter: 7 inch/178mm

Drum Height: 5 inch/127mm

Roller Stone Diameter: 3.5 inches/89mm

Roller Stone width: 1 inch/26mm

Drum and Roller Stones Set Weight: 7 lbs/3 kg



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