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  1.  I’ve seen different colored machines being sold as rice/spice grinders. Are they different from the red one?

Even if they look almost the same, the colored rice/spice grinders are very different from our (red) Premier Chocolate Refiner. The Refiner is engineered specifically for chocolate-making but can also be used to make nut butter and spreads. Rice and spice grinders are designed to run for short periods of time whilst a chocolate refiner has been tested to safely operate for 72 hours continuously. So the motor on our Refiner is far sturdier, not only because of the required running time but because of the viscous nature of the cocoa paste as it is being worked. The Premier Refiner features Kevlar belts that do not stretch so there is never any slippage. Their durability also ensures that there is no rubber dust or rubber odor being generated. Due to the long-running time required in chocolate-making, the machine also features a heat-triggered cut-off system that will shut down the entire machine in the event that the motor overheats. To enhance the grinding capabilities of the refiner, two symmetrical scrapers are featured to help direct the flow of the chocolate towards the stone wheels. While built for chocolate-making, our refiner could certainly be used to grind rice/spice.
  1. Are these machines made only for chocolate?

No. They can be used to make a variety of nut butter, and spreads, and can be used to grind rice or lentils into a paste for making dosa.
  1. How do I clean my machine?

Our  Chocolate Refiners are very easy to wash. Hot water and mild dishwashing liquid are all that is needed. Please only HAND WASH parts. Using a dishwasher can damage the parts and therefore compromise the integrity of the machine.  The Refiner is totally disassemblable to enable easy cleaning.
  1.  How much electricity does the machine use?

The electricity used is very similar to that of a light bulb.

  1. What is the smoothness of my chocolate after grinding for 12 hours?

After 12 hours, the machine will have refined the product down to 20 microns, resulting in a grit-free, smooth, and silky texture.

  1. Is it safe to leave my machine running all night?

Absolutely safe. Our refiners feature a heat-triggered, shut-off switch in the unlikely event that your machine overheats.

  1. What type of stones are the wheels made of?

The stones used for the wheels are natural granite. You may notice some color variation in the stones. This is normal.

  1. The first time I operated my machine, I detected an unpleasant smell. Is that normal?

The first time the machine is operated, there will be a slight, new-machine smell. It will go away in approx two batches. The mild odor will not impact the organoleptic profile of the chocolate.

  1. Can I make raw chocolate with these machines?

The threshold for raw foods is not uniform. If a raw product is desired, it is up to the maker to devise a cooling system to keep the refining chocolate at the permissible temperature. Most people use table fans to control temperature.

  1. Can I store the finished product in the drum of the machine?

Because the chocolate will harden as it cools down, (and you’ll have to pry it out), it is best to store your chocolate somewhere else. An airtight container like Tupperware can work. You will likely hold the chocolate before tempering and molding and you don’t want it to pick up ambient odors.

  1. What is the shipping weight of the units?

Shipping weight of the units is as follows:

  • Premier Chocolate refiner - 3kg/8lb capacity: 26lb/12kg
  • Premier Tilting Chocolate refiner -4kg/10lb capacity: 32lb/15kg
  • Premier Lo-Pro Chocolate refiner -4kg/10lb capacity: 34.7lb/16kg
  • DCM Melanger 20 Platinum -10kg/22lb capacity: 120 lb/55kg
  • DCM Melanger 35 Platinum -16kg/35lb capacity: 300lb/136kg
  • DCM Melanger 70 Platinum -32kg/70lb capacity: 450lb/205kg
  • DCM Melanger 100 Platinum -45kg/100lb capacity: 550lb/250kg
  • DCM Melanger 150 Platinum -68kg/150lb capacity: 900/408kg
  1. Where can I find cocoa nibs?

We sell them through a partnership with Domori Chocolate. Our offerings include a great range of aromatic cocoas: Criollo, Trinitario, and Nacional sourced from five different countries:  Venezuela, Perú, Madagascar, Tanzania, Ecuador.
To learn more about the flavor profiles of these high-quality, Domori nibs,  please visithttps://www.melangers.com/collections/domori.
  1. Where can I find Cocoa butter?

Come back soon to our site and we are working on having it available soon.
  1. Why should I choose these machines over other chocolate grinders?

For durability and engineering. We are continuously innovating to bring you refiners that deliver on the promise of producing silky smooth chocolate, batch after batch.  We also offer prompt customer service within 24 hours of your inquiry. All spare parts requests will be handled within a day of receiving them. All of this means a longer more productive life for your machine and a more reliable production schedule for you. Our large- capacity refiners are made in the USA; our countertop refiners are manufactured with US-sourced components.
  1. Where are the Premier Chocolate Refiners manufactured?

The body of the machine comes from India and it is then converted to Chocolate Refiner by upgrading the components in the USA with USA sourced high-quality materials.