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Quick Start Guide


    Inspect the Premier Chocolate Refiner to be sure that no parts have been damaged during shipment. Familiarize yourself with the names of each part by looking at the diagram below. 


      The Machine needs to be set up properly for a successful operation. Correct deflector blade alignment, as well as stone pressure adjustments, are key. Please see the below links to videos to set up the machine.
      The deflector blades set up video:


      Top lock knob setup video:


       3. IF using a Stainless Steel Stone Holder follow these instructions



      Before attempting your first batch of chocolate or nut butter, you will need to clean your Premier Chocolate Refiner to remove any grit or stone dust from the wheels and stone bed. 
      You can use the oil method or the sugar method, as seen in this video: 


       Always discard cleaning agent as it contains stone dust.



      Remove drum and roller stones from the unit. Disassemble the drum and the stones completely. Wash using a mild, soapy solution. Rinse well. Machine parts are not dishwasher safe.
      Allow to air dry. Note that moisture tends to accumulate in the hub of the stone. To ensure complete dryness of the parts, a blow dryer can be used for a couple of minutes.
      Tips & Tricks: in units with wing nuts for the first uses it may be necessary to use pliers to loosen up the nut.



       6. REASSEMBLY

      Reassemble the unit. The positioning of the deflector blades is crucial. Please refer back to Step 2. 



      Choose the recipe you would like to make. Need inspiration? Check out the recipe section at https://www.melangers.com/blogs/recipes.



      Heat, pressure and gradual addition of ingredients are key at the start of the refining process. Loading the drum quickly will cause stones to stop and will prevent machine from spinning. Gradually add ingredients while also using a blow dryer or a heat gun to apply necessary heat. Turn the top lock knob to apply pressure, please refer to step 2. Top Lock Knob can be fully tightened only once the ingredients are moving fluidly inside the drum. For the first batch, we recommend starting with a basic dark chocolate recipe such as the one below.

      Tips & Tricks: Visual cues are important for knowing when it is time to add more nibs. The paste should have the consistency of chunky peanut butter before it’s time to add more ingredients. The release of cocoa butter is also key. Paste will begin to glisten as the cocoa butter is released as the mixture refines and warms up. Loading the unit too quickly will slow down your process.




      Should you choose to further conch your chocolate without additional refining, be sure to loosen the top lock completely so that no further particle refining is taking place. 



      Once you are satisfied with the texture and flavor of the product, empty the drum. Never store chocolate or other product in the drum.  


      11. STORAGE

      Wash, dry and reassemble the machine. It is good practice to always store your machine clean, dry and covered with the lid. 
      This Quick Start Guide is a short overview of your Premier Chocolate Refiner and the basic steps of chocolate-making. Please be sure to refer to User Manual for further details and in-depth explanations.

      Download the User Manual