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  • PLC control, with 10" glass screen for comfortable operation and easy menu navigation
  • Different chocolate temperatures and settings (recipes) are programmable
  • Various accessories prepared ready to plug in and operable via the touch panel, such as dosing, vibrating table and heated protective grid. A heated pipe system can be retrofitted
  • Standby function - temperature increase in the tank and interval for the agitator to ensure perfect decrystallization during the work pause
  • Smooth start-up of the agitator by using a frequency converter, thus low stress on the mechanical components and a long service life
  • Automatic, individual shutdown of the heating circuits depending on the filling quantity
  • Solid chocolate is dissolved over a period of about 8 hours
  • Liquid chocolate can be continuously refilled in small uniform quantities
  • Level measurement "minimum - maximum" via indicator light, ready to plug in prepared for automatic charging by external dissolver with pump ( not with LCM 25 AT)
  • Pouring tube height adjustable, swiveling and also removable for cleaning
  • FI residual current circuit breaker according to DIN VDE 0100-100 - safety of persons
  • Cooling system for temperature control in the lower part of the machine
  • Machine housing completely made of stainless steel, mobile on swivel castors


  Capacity (kg) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm)** el. Connection (V/kW) Weight (kg)
LCM 25 AT 25 80 76 91/109 230/2,0 110
LCM 50 AT 50 106 86 91/120 400/2,5 160