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  • PLC control, with 10" glass screen for comfortable operation and menu navigation.
  • Standby function - temperature increase in the tank and interval control for the agitator to ensure a perfect decrystallization during the work pause
  • Different chocolate temperatures and settings (recipes, products) are freely programmable
  • Ready-to-plug-in preparation for retrofitting of vibrating tables and dosing system
  • Intermediate pump electronically adjustable - conveying capacity up to 2000 kg/hr.
  • Intermediate tank for pump heated, temperature adjustable
  • Interior heating - temperature adjustable, with fan for even distribution of heat
  • Smooth start-up of the agitator due to the use of a frequency converter - Thus lower load on the mechanical components and long service life
  • Level measurement 'minimum - maximum' via indicator light - ready to plug in prepared for automatic charging via external dissolver with pump
  • Pouring tube height adjustable, swiveling and removable for cleaning
  • Covering grid belt; easily removable and therefore very easy to clean, dishwasher safe Total length 1.4 meters
  • Infeed grating belt separate from the overlay belt, feeding area 40 cm, very narrow transfer even for smallest products
  • Floor draining device included
  • Veil box continuously adjustable in height up to 10 cm
  • Continuously adjustable blower with filter for blowing off the chocolate after coating
  • Blower shaft removable and adjustable in height up to 10 cm
  • Paper discharge belt with paper roll for hanging, total length 1.6 meters - ( except LCM 600 ATC-P )
  • Start-stop system for one-man operation, and for extremely effective use of the paper
  • Plastic hood 1-piece with hinge for opening by means of gas pressure damper
  • residual current circuit breaker according to DIN VDE 0100-100 - safety of persons
  • Machine housing completely made of stainless steel, mobile on swivel castors



Capacity (kg) Width (cm)* Depth (cm) Height (cm)** el. Connection (V/kW) Weight (kg)
LCM 320 ATC-P 50 106/145/306 104 89/97/161 400/4,2 400
LCM 420 ATC-P 50 106/145/306 104 89/97/161 400/4,2 420
LCM 600 ATC-P 65 106/145 130 91/99/164 400/4.5 480

* Width machine / width enrobing grid belt / width with paper transport belt

** Height heated vat / working height / height machine