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  • PLC control with screen for convenient operation and menu navigation
  • Different setting values (recipes) are freely programmable for each belt individually
  • 3 individually driven stainless steel mesh belts on top of each other for an optimal air circulation for cooling also from the bottom side
  • The transport unit with the mesh belts is made of stainless steel as a tubular frame construction and can be completely removed from the cabinet for easy cleaning
  • The machine is completely insulated in the cold zone with 25mm thick washable panels.
  • With a cycle time of 30 min at approx. 8°C, approx. 200 boards can be cooled on three levels in 60 min.



Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm) el. Connection (V/kW) empty weight (kg)
LCM 400 BKS 3-1 400-460 91 127 400/4,0 600