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How to make Praliné Filling in Premier Chocolate Melanger




Almonds 1000 g 100 g
Hazelnuts blended 500 g 50 g
Sugar 1300 g 130 g
Water 400 g 40 g
Vanilla bean 1 g 1 g
Salt 10 g 3 g
EZtemper silk 4 g 4 g


Roast the hazelnuts and almond for 20 min at 310°F/155°C. Cook the sugar and water till it reaches 114°C. Add the nuts and continue cooking till fully caramelized while stirring.

Place in a cooking tray and leave it to cool. Then crush the praliné to small pieces and place in Melanger leaving it for a minimum of 2 hours till it’s perfectly smooth. You can replace the hazelnuts with other nuts such as sesame, pecans or macadamia. Cool to about 33.5°C and add EZtemper silk and store in refrigerator.


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