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New Top Lock Nut and Spring

  • The new Top lock Nut with spring features a new ergonomic handle for ease of tensioning the roller stones. 

  • The Top Lock Nut and Spring controls the grinding and refining functions of the machine. When the knob is tightened, the roller stones apply pressure to the stone base and through shearing action, the particle size of the ingredients are broken down. 

  • Suitable for all Premier Chocolate Refiners (countertop models), this part is made of hard plastic and stainless steel. Available in black or white.

  • This upgraded newer model will not work with older model lids since the center opening in the lid needs to be at least 2.25" (approx 5.7cm). The older model lids can be cut by the customer to fit the newer top lock knob.

  • Alternatively, the newer model lids can also be purchased at  https://www.melangers.com/collections/spare-parts/products/small-drum-lid for smaller refiners.

  • The larger Tilting Refiner lids can be purchased at  https://www.melangers.com/collections/spare-parts/products/tilting-large-drum-lid