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New Stainless Steel Stone Holder - Small


    Supercharge your Premier Chocolate Refiner (8 lbs) with this newly redesigned Stainless Steel Stone Holder. Increase the performance of your Melanger with this time saving, innovative upgrade:

    • Durable: won’t crack or break from sustained use
    • Efficiency: increases the product flow within the melanger optimizing the process. Reduces product loss by minimizing waste
    • Easy to clean: Fewer components to assemble and disassemble 
    • Easy to Maintain: Smart stainless steel spring-loaded locking pin, no more nuts, and bolt-type fasteners
    • Minimalist Aesthetic: modern design, crafted from food-grade 304 Stainless Steel
    • Sleek Stainless Steel Lid for added protection. 
    • Perforated deflector blades allow for a thermocouple attachment for precise monitoring of temperatures
    • Ships with a redesigned set of Roller Stones

    Following our customer's feedback, we have completely redesigned the stainless steel stone holder. Made from durable and sustainable materials it is perfect for heavy-duty production.

    This smart design allows for freer movement of ingredients inside the drum, resulting in high shear and shorter refining times.

    The vigorous aeration of the chocolate allows for improved dispersion of acetic acid and other acrid compounds making for less viscous chocolate.

    The optimized flow of ingredients inside the Melanger results in perfectly smooth nut butter.

    Wheels are held in place by a spring-loaded, stainless steel locking pin that allows you to easily remove the wheels (no more metal washers, nuts, and bolts)

    This minimalist design is a perfect combination of practicality and efficiency.

    The fixed in-position lid design allows for easy access.

    Thanks to the stone holder’s smooth surfaces, you can scrape every last bit of product, minimizing waste, and reducing cleaning time.

    A small perforation on the deflector blades allows for a thermocouple to be attached: precisely monitor the temperature during the refining process (for raw product).

    The new design eliminates the risk of product leakage down the center cone of the drum and into the motor unit.

    This kit contains 1 Stainless Steel Stone Holder, 2 roller stones, deflector blade, center shaft, a brass top lock knob, and a Stainless Steel Lid.

Suitable for the 8lb/3kg capacity Premier Chocolate Refiner (countertop model).

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