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250g  2 ¼ cups  25% Domori Cocoa Nibs
250g 1 cup + 1 tbls 25% Cocoa Butter
210g 1 cup 21% Granulated White Cane Sugar
220g 2 cups + 1 tbls 22% Milk Powder
70g ⅓ cup 7% High-Quality Instant Coffee Powder



  1. Melt the cocoa butter in a Bain Marie. For best results, never heat cocoa butter above 140°F/60°C.
  2. Pour the melted cocoa butter into the Premier Chocolate Refiner and gradually add the nibs to the drum. With a hair dryer on the high heat setting, warm the drum of the refiner to speed up processing, never exceeding 140°F/60°C.

NOTE: To further shorten the processing time, warm the nibs in the oven at 300°F/150°C for 5 minutes and pulse-crush in batches in a Mixer-grinder/Cuisinart for 1 minute.

  1. Next, add the sugar, 50g - roughly ¼ cup at a time, making sure it is fully incorporated before adding more.
  2. After one hour, add in the milk powder and the instant coffee. Slowly add the milk powder until well-incorporated, carefully scraping the sides of the drum;
  3. Let run for at least 10-15 hours.
  4. Once you are pleased with the consistency of the chocolate, proceed with removing the contents of the drum to temper or store as needed.
  5. Temper the chocolate and shape into molds, then place in refrigerator until solid, approximately 10-15 minutes.
  6. Enjoy your silky smooth and creamy Espresso Macchiato Chocolate!


Yield: Approximately 1kg/2.2lbs of Espresso Macchiato  Chocolate, equal to 10 x 100g bars.

Storage: Up to 12 months in a cool, well-ventilated, odorless place in an airtight container.


 Expresso Macchiato Chocolate


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