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2.2 lbs

Shelled peanuts, skins removed



2 tbsp

Granulated sugar (optional)



1.5 tsp

Sea salt (optional)



  1. Roast the peanuts at 180°C/350°F for 15/20 minutes (optional);
  2. While the peanuts are still warm, chop them finely or crush in a Mixer-grinder/Cuisinart.
  3. Slowly pour the crushed peanuts into your Premier Chocolate Refiner. Using a blow dryer set on high, heat the drum of the refiner to speed up processing.
  4. Add the sugar and salt;
  5. Let the Refiner run for at least 2 hours;
  6. Enjoy your silky smooth and creamy peanut butter!

Yield: approximately 1kg / 2.2lbs of peanut butter


Storage: up to 2 months in the fridge

Recipes with Peanut Butter: Energy Bite Snacks

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